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Got Our Home: Providing Rental Leasing and Homeownership Services

Got Our Home is a residential property management company providing leasing and homeownership options to tenants. We work exclusively with investors who are interested in short-term leasing arrangements with the option of selling their properties to their tenants. We professionally manage single family homes for investors and tenants until it is purchased.

People who have good and not-so-perfect credit can lease fabulous properties in great communities in Georgia and Florida. If you decide to stay in the neighborhood permanently, we give you the option of purchasing the house after a 3-year lease term.

Here at Got Our Home, we have rehabilitated residential properties for single families and working professionals who are interested in the lease-to-own option so they can live in a stable community. Browse the available rental houses we have for lease and for purchase, then contact the reliable staff at Got Our Home.


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